Residential Services

Custom home remodeling in Naples and the surrounding SW Florida area.

Naples Residential Home Remodeling

Leave everything better than we found it. It’s a mindset, an attitude, and it captures our commitment to creating lasting value in the Naples communities we serve. With more than 25 years combined experience as home-remodelers, we are a licensed general contractor capable of handling a vast array of professional construction projects in Naples.

We apply the experience and relationships we established as general contractors to our kitchen and bath remodeling services. Home Improvement Services We have experience using a vast array of products but use only the highest quality products when our clients’ budgets will allow.

Our combined experience of more than 25 years as home builders provides us with a unique perspective on what products will look great and stand the test of time in your Naples home. Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, House Painting and More…


Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s design can encourage family camaraderie. The kitchen is the site for cooking, homework, casual conversation and everyday life.

Here in Naples and Collier County we offer some of the best ideas for kitchen remodeling that can turn your kitchen into a beautiful oasis and efficient space.

The Huffman’s Construction team specializes in designing kitchens that look and feel like the heart of your Naples.

Naples Home Design Specialists

Let one of our design specialists expose you to trusted products like custom wood cabinetry, and appliances from Sub-Zero, Wolf, or Miele. If you want full-service design, we would like to save you valuable time and energy and get you into your dream kitchen sooner.

Kitchen remodeling may seem like a daunting process but Huffman’s Construction is ready to assist you through it from start to finish. Whether you are seeking a space more accessible to all family members, more appealing to future homebuyers, or more functional for your culinary explorations, Huffman’s Construction will guide you through the often-overwhelming kitchen remodeling or kitchen design process. Why stop with the kitchen?

We can help you redesign your entire home with name brand products that provide you with beauty and functionality that will last for years. Do you want to design a bathroom, laundry, mudroom, or even a home office? Let us show you inspired home design. Contact us about your next kitchen remodeling project. Our team would love to begin the process of creating a timeless space beyond any you imagine.


Do you feel that your bathroom has become a bit stale and could use a fresh new look? Or, maybe you’ve outgrown your old bathroom and now you need a bathroom for three instead of a bathroom for one?

If you’re living in Naples and have a need for bathroom redo, look no further than Huffman’s Construction Group!

Naples Custom Bathroom Remodeling

When people purchase a home in Collier County, Florida one of the top two items on there “get done before I move in” list is a bathroom remodeling upgrade. (the other one is an kitchen remodel but you probably already knew that). These two areas are often at the top of the list as to why people did not purchase a home.

Our SWFL remodeling services are committed to customer satisfaction, and we have no plans of stopping now. We offer all types of services and features for your bathroom remodeling project, such as walk in tubs, shower enclosures, a full remodel for your bathroom, and even projects that can be done in just a day.

#1. Increased Value: We just alluded to this but its important enough to mention again. If you are looking to sell a home a Naples bathroom remodeling project will help you sell at a high price and sell faster. Both benefits will impact your wallet. However, if you don’t do the project the right way or you don’t finish it, you can actually decrease the value of your home.

#2. Create a Relaxing Space: If you’re not looking to sell your home then a Naples bathroom remodeling upgrade can take this room from a functional space to an in-home spa. Changes in lighting, color, layout can impact the sense of peace your bathroom can provide. Add a soaking or jacuzzi tub and you have the perfect place to unwind after a hectic day.

#3. Save Water and Money: Older bathrooms were defined by the period in which they were built. Changes in design aesthetics, fixtures types and styles, and efficiency of toilets and tubs provide options that were not available 10, 20 or fifty years ago. Your new design can improve the efficiency of the space in terms of spacing and even impact the environment through better water usage (potential reducing water usage by up to 50%).

Whether you are looking to sell or planning to stay put for years to come you will benefit from upgrading your bathroom. At Huffman’s Construction we specialize in Naples bathroom remodeling projects, helping you from pre-planning, to design, and implementation to create the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of having.

Interior & Exterior Paint

A fresh coat of paint is a great way to make your Naples home look bright and new again in a hurry. From the beginning, two of our core service offerings have been painting and repairs.

Included in most home remodeling and restoration projects, home painting and repairs are typically less involved when compared with the bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects we handle. We are a licensed general contractor capable of handling a vast array of professional construction projects in Naples.

Naples Professional Painting

Much like the skill and careful eye required for managing stained concrete work projects, painting and repairs also require an eye for accuracy to get everything just right. Our painting and staining abilities are applied in several of the services in our portfolio including patio projects, custom decks and patios and other outdoor living construction projects.

We have handled exterior painting projects from painting simply the edge and trim of a home to much larger projects that included concrete repairs and other professional construction projects. Our exterior painting process is second to none.

First we power wash the entire surface to be painted and make any necessary home repairs. The same is done when we re-stain or re-paint outdoor living construction such as custom decks and patios. All seams and windows are sealed with a top grade caulk and we use only the highest quality paints for our exterior and other painting services.

As a Naples professional remodeling company we have sharpened our interior painting skills over time. Whatever your painting needs, we’re at your service. Huffman’s Construction is a full service, licensed general contractor that handles a wide variety of professional construction projects. Our remodeling clients enjoy our proven, turnkey capabilities in home remodeling and home repair. We are committed to using our resources to make the community we live and work in a better place.